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Healing depression for veterans with PTSD

The VA has an excellent online article Depression, Trauma, and PTSD that summarizes what to do if you experience prolonged or strong depression. It is short and worth reading. Please read it. Then there is an additional approach you can learn about. But first a few necessary preliminaries.

Does PTSD make you more likely to be depressed?

Just being exposed to trauma makes you twice as likely to experience depression. (About 10% of Americans experience symptoms of depression each year.) If you have PTSD you are 3 to 5 times more likely to experience clinical depression.

Am I weak if I seek treatment for depression?

Nope. Learn about it and get help. A lot of really successful famous people (like Abraham Lincoln) have had to cope with depression. It seems to be a part of life. The opportunity for big ups seems to mean we can also have big downs. If someone can help you while you are experiencing the big ups, there is no reason someone can't help you while you are experiencing the big down. Right?